Anyhoo, just a quick note to say that (sadly) Chris Rock is finished. We shot his last scene (the 'fall' of Rufus) yesterday and today. He'll be missed.

And for the record, he's absolutely tremendous in the flick. Most folks will be floored by how great a job he did.

Tomorrow (if the weather holds) will be Alan's last day. After a Sunday break, we have two days of cleanup here in the Pitt, and then 'DogClaw' wraps out of Western Pennsylvania. We'll be shooting one day in Jersey on Thursday, before I head out to Ohio for the OSU gig, and then San Fran for the Classically Independent Film Fest. After a cross-country driving jaunt, it's on to taming this beast in the editing room (ie - my office), and a summer that will see us breaking ground on the View Askew Institute (ie - the new Stash/office digs).

I've been in Pitt since Feb. 6, they tell me.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Entry 24: June 05, 1998