The Dogma Trailer is Here!

Download Notes:
QuickTime 4.0 is required to view the trailer. Download it here.

The Final 'Dogma' Trailer is now available for download in a variety of formats. We highly recommend you grab the 320 x 240, 8.6 Megabyte version, although we also provide a mid-size and smaller version for your convenience. For those of you with fast connections and/or lots of patience, a 17 Megabyte, 24 frames per second, high quality version is available to you as well.

Now available: Zipped(8.3 megs, PC) and Stuffed(8.3 megs, MAC) versions of the recommended 320 x 240 trailer.

A Very Special Dogma Outtake:

Scott Mosier in: "Is This Your Dog?"